Our Team of Experts

It's What Sets Us Apart

Assembling the Right Team and Expert for Your Case

Ivy League takes the credentialing of experts very seriously.  It is our policy to verify, monitor, update and maintain records for every expert on our team, ensuring an active license status, current board certification status and clean physician records.

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Our Selection Process

The physicians on our carefully selected team of experts are widely respected by their peers and are frequently selected for their academic excellence. When called for expert depositions or court testimony, they command the respect of judges, arbitrators, juries, and attorneys.

Ivy League’s experts undergo rigorous training to ensure that they are fully capable of properly evaluating claimants within the limited scope of an independent evaluation and have the critical ability to evaluate complex matters and explain medical conditions and their treatment to non-experts.

This training also results in well-considered and well-written medical-legal reports that include carefully considered and formulated opinions, utilizing all information at hand: evaluation, claimant history and a thorough review of medical records. Our experts’ opinions are supported by years of clinical practice experience.

Our physicians have graduated from or trained at Ivy League institutions and other highly accredited schools & institutions across the United States.