Expert Credentialing

It's What Sets Us Apart

Ivy League takes the credentialing of experts very seriously.  It is our policy to verify, monitor, update and maintain records for every expert on our team, ensuring an active license status, current board certification status and clean physician records.

Our Credentialing Process


Verification of US Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (HHS OIG) exclusion lists

Hospital Priviledges

Review and verification of current hospital admitting privileges


Review of current professional liability insurance


Review of current DEA certificate

Medical Conduct

Screening via the New York State Department of Health Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) disciplinary action list

Practitioner Screening

Review of available information via the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)

Workers Compensation

Review of Worker’s Compensation website to determine whether experts’ WC certification has been suspended or revoked.


Verification of licensure with New York State Education Department and with the state department for each state in which the expert is licensed

Board Certification

Review of Board Certification via the ABMS CertiFACTS online portal to confirm that board membership is active

Monitoring Licensure After Hire

  • Credentialing department prints monthly reports to monitor license expiration dates.
  • License updates are verified by checking against NYSED’s online verification website and reports are printed for each claimant’s file.
  • Director and manager are provided with monthly list of consultants/experts whose licenses are up for renewal.
  • Director and/or manager follow up with consultants to ensure timely compliance with licensure requirements.
  • Credentialing department informs director/manager of consultants with expired licenses. Consultants are removed from active referral list pending renewal of license.